Giada Trezzi

GiadaI am a PhD student in Environmental Science and Technology at the Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona.

I investigate submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) into the coastal sea and its relevance for the biogeochemical cycles.

SGD includes fresh groundwater and seawater recirculating through the coastal aquifer and can be quantified by using geochemical tracers such as Ra isotopes and 222Rn. Recent studies demonstrated that SGD is an important source of macro and micro-nutrients for the coastal sea and can be also a preferential pathway for contaminants.

My project in particular will provide information about:

  • The relevance of SGD as source of metals (Zn, Pb, Fe, Cu, Ni, Cd) for seawater in coastal areas affected by mining activities;
  • The relevance of SGD as source of micro-nutrients into the oligotrophic Mediterranean Sea.

Key words: submarine groundwater discharge, Ra isotopes, 222Rn, trace metals, Sr isotopes

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