Marco Agnelli

533312_371986686250312_1263186569_nMarco Agnelli is a graduate in Geological Sciences from the Department of Earth Sciences, Florence-Italy (2011) with an experimental thesis based on the determination of the natural diffusive fluxes of C6H6 and CH4 from the soil of the Solfatara Crater (Naples-Italy).
Currently he is a Ph-D student in Geochemistry under the guidance of Dr. Fidel Grandia and, contracted with Amphos 21 Consulting S.L., is in charge of the project 6 (Tracing metal-CO2(aq)-solid interactions from deep sources to shallow aquifers) of the Met-Trans project, an European project about the metal transoport in the environment. Marco is performing his activities of experimental and modeling researches on the metal transport in fluids that are characterized by an high amount of dissolved CO2, in order to i) determine the influence of trace gases, such as H2S and VOC, on metal transport, ii) carry out a field characterisation and model prediction of the formation of metal-hydroxide colloids in CO2-bearing waters (implication for metal transport and aquifer pollution), and iii) determine the isotope composition of dissolved metals, colloids and precipitates in CO2-bearing waters. The first goal is due to the present discussion involving researchers and energy companies involved in CO2 capture and storage (CCS) about the convenience of injecting trace gases along with CO2 in aquifers avoiding their capture at the source and reducing costs. The final motivation of the project is to give a set of implications and recommendations for the risk assessment of geological storage of CO2 resulting from analysis of the metal mobility in CO2-bearing waters.
The expected results should be taken into consideration in the risk assessment programs of present-day and future commercial projects of CO2 storage.

Keywords: CO2 storage, CH4 fluxes, C6H6 fluxes, gas sampling, modeling, groundwater pollution, geothermal systems, geological disposal.

Water and Gas Sampling: Not easy as it seems

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