Nicola Pallavicini

Nicola PI finished my undergraduate studies in 2011, obtaining a diploma from a joint Master programme in environmental sciences with focus on environmental impact assessment and water management (EnvEuro Master Programme. Copenhagen University,Copenhagen, Denmark and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden).

I started my PhD at ALS Scandinavia, in Luleå (Sweden) in 2012, where I am presently working on analytical method development, optimization and evaluation for isotopic and multi-elemental analyses in environmental samples at trace and ultra-trace levels.

My main supervisor is Prof. Ilia Rodushkin, laboratory manager at ALS Scandinavia AB. Since I started, under his supervision, I have been able to publish two articles in the Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry. Links to the articles:

Our works have been targeted to thoroughly evaluate the different stages of method development (including sample preparation, matrix separation, instrumental analysis and data evaluation) in order to obtain the optimal conditions for high precision measurements, for both concentrations and isotope data. Results have shown how coupling isotopic information to concentration data can be used as a valuable tool for shedding light on unknown or yet poorly explored biological processes or for pollution source tracing, also thanks to the multi-isotope approach.

Future studies will be aimed at a better understanding of the extension of natural variability in isotopic composition in natural objects and attempting to better differentiate between exogenous, local and long-range sources.