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Water and Gas Sampling: Not as Easy as It Seems

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The movies show a “cold geyser” flowing out from an old well at Almagro, in the Campo de Calatrava Volcanic Field (CCVF) (central Spain). This geyser started in mid April 2013 and keeps now emitting a water+CO2 (gas) stream up to 6 m high, with an intermittent activity that allowed us carrying out the fluid sampling (gas-water-EMISSION, Free gas sampling, CO2 TEST, Water sampling).

This is an excellent opportunity to collect deep CO2-bearing groundwater ascending fast from the aquifer, minimising the loss of solutes due to precipitation after degassing. Therefore, we can sample a quite pristine water to know its metal content and the composition of the accompanying gases, which is the first goal of the MetTrans-Project 6.