Dr Kevin Burton

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Isotope geochemistry is a broad field that has made some remarkable contributions to our understanding of the history, surface process and inner workings of the Earth and other solar system objects. Personal research interests have sought to bring together a number of interrelated disciplines within the Earth and environmental sciences, linked by the use of a range of mass spectrometric techniques to provide key information on:

  • The timing of events, from the age of the solar system to the timing of climatic or tectonic events recorded in ocean sediments
  • Tracing the sources of components, from ocean circulation to identifying the types of stars that contributed to our solar system.
  • Past conditions of the Earth system, from the redox state of the mantle to past temperatures of the Oceans.

In parallel, my research has been driven by the measurement of both conventional long-lived radiogenic isotopes and non-traditional stable isotopes, with an emphasis on measuring isotope compositions to a very high precision with enhanced spatial resolution (i.e. on smaller samples).

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