Dr Per Andersson

04 NRM Dr Per AnderssonPer Andersson is a senior researcher in Isotope Geochemistry and head of the Department of Geoscience at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. His research is focused application of isotope geochemistry to fundamental problems in low-temperature geochemistry and Earth surface processes. This comprises the use of radiogenic isotopes to study provenance and chemical transformation of dissolved, colloidal and particulate material in river, brackish and the marine environment. He is also involved in establishing compound-specific stable chlorine and bromine isotope analyses of halogenated organic substances. He is currently supervisor of 5 PhD students.

Ongoing projects:

  • The use of Nd isotopes as tracers of water and sediments in the Arctic Ocean.
  • Climate warming in Siberian Permafrost Regions: tracing the delivery of carbon and trace metals to the Arctic Ocean.
  • Particle transport derived from isotope tracers and its impact on ocean biogeochemistry: a GEOTRACES project in the Arctic Ocean.
  • Stable bromine isotopic composition of methyl halides to investigate sources and sinks of these compounds.

Keywords: Neodymium isotopes, iron isotopes, Si isotopes, particles, U-Th geochemistry, GEOTRACES, Arctic Ocean, permafrost, river water, marine waters.