Dr Fidel Grandia

10 Amphos - Dr Fidel GrandiaFidel Grandia is currently the Project Manager of the Carbon Capture and Storage Group at Amphos 21, and former Associate Professor on Environmental Geology at the Technical University of Catalonia. He has a Ph.D. in Geology by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (2001). His Ph.D. dissertation deserved an Academic Excellence Award from that university.

His research is focused on the modeling of the geochemical behavior of fluids in both present-day and fossil environments. He has a broad experience in the characterization of geothermal systems, CO2 storage in deep saline environments, nuclear waste management, ore deposits and acid mine drainage. All this work has been published in 15 peer review papers in international journals, 30 scientific technical reports in public and private companies, and more than 60 conference contributions.

Presently, he is involved in a number of 7th EC FP projects on CO2 injection and storage, including Compostilla (Spain), MUSTANG and CarbFix (Iceland).

Keywords: CO2 storage, modeling, groundwater pollution, geothermal systems, ore deposits, geological disposal, nuclear waste.

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