Prof Johan Ingri

Johan Ingri is professor in Environmental Geochemistry at the Lulea University of Technology, working with trace metals in fresh and brackish water. His research is focused on physicochemical speciation, including stable isotopes, and especially iron and manganese redox cycling. He works mostly in the Boreal landscape, and the coupling between the fresh water environment and coastal water. He is involved in undergraduate teaching and has received a number of pedagogical prices. He has been the main supervisor of 9 PhD students.

Ongoing projects:

  • Redox cycling across the pelagic suboxic zone in the Baltic Sea
  • Role of photolysis for phosphorus cycling in fresh and brackish water
  • Boron isotope cycling in the Boreal zone
  • The Holocene sediment record in the northern Baltic Sea

Keywords: iron isotopes, REE-geochemistry, iron, manganese, freshwater brackish water, sediment.

Further information