Dr Lara Duro

10 Amphos - Dr Lara DuroAfter her degree in Chemistry, Lara Duro took a Ph.D. at the Universitat de Barcelona (1996) on the study of the coupling between Fe(III) and U(VI). She has a Master degree in Environmental Management and a post-degree in Hydrogeology. She started her professional career in 1994, in the newly created Spanish office of INTERA, an environmental consultancy specialised in radioactive waste management.

From 2007 is the General Manager of Amphos 21, environmental consulting company. The company develops activities in the fields of the environmental consultancy of waste management (mainly nuclear and industrial wastes), investigation and remediation of polluted soils and groundwater and strategic environmental management. Since 2001 she is invited teacher in the Geochemistry lessons of the Post-degree International Course of Hydrogeology, held yearly at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. She has more than 30 publications in international scientific journals.

Throughout her professional career she has mainly worked in projects dealing with nuclear waste management for the different European waste management agencies and the European Commission since 4th EC FP.

Keywords: nuclear waste, spent fuel, thermodynamics, radionuclide, geochemical modeling.

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