Dr Sander van den Boorn

Sander van den Boorn is a research geochemist working in IRD (Innovation, Research & Development) of Shell Projects and Technology in Rijswijk (The Netherlands) since October 2008. His main responsibilities include the development and testing of (novel) geochemical technologies for hydrocarbon exploration and he acts as focal point/technical lead for a variety of ETC projects (External Technology Collaborations) focusing on the development of geochemical proxies, including projects with the University of Oxford.

He holds a PhD in isotope geochemistry from the faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University. His main expertise and interests are in the field of applying (non-traditional) stable isotopes (e.g. Si, Mo, Cr, C, S) and elemental/molecular geochemistry (e.g. trace metals and biomarkers) to better understand (1) palaeodepositional environments of (organic-rich) sedimentary sequences, (2) fluid/rock interactions and (3) hydrocarbon migration and accumulation in the subsurface.

Keywords: isotope/elemental geochemistry, petroleum geochemistry, depositional environment, source rocks, hydrocarbons, exploration technologies.